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Terms, Conditions, Specs & other Info.

  • All our transoms are manufactured from aluminium, No WOOD or fibreglass to go wrong.
  • All our Jon-Boats and V-Hulls are double welded, hull welded inside and out for superior strength.
  • Our pontoons have multiple sealed and pressure tested compartments, for added safety.
  • Our pontoon deck frames are in welded sections, making them stronger than most other pontoon boats with bolted beams.
  • Our pontoon decks are imported hardwood, long lasting with little maintenance required
  • Photos shown all have some accessories or client specified additions not included in the standard boats.
  • We have hundreds of photos from 20 years of manufacturing

Pontoon Boats

We manufacture from 4.00m to 11.00m, from carrying capacity of 4 people to 10.000 kgs.

Please have a look at the questions below and we can narrow the field before quoting on Pontoon Boats.

  • Length?
  • Width?
  • Carrying capacity?
  • Number of passengers?
  • Calm water or waves?
  • Which country?
  • Single or twin motors?
  • Travelling distance?

Due to the fact that we manufacture 13 different pontoon models, we do not stock boats. Should you order this month your order would go into our production schedule.

Please visit our website at www.pontoonsafrica.com for more photos

We manufacture 2 ranges, a lightweight pontoon range for calm waters only (470 series) and a larger range suitable for rougher conditions (670 series)

We can supply the following:

Complete boat (Pontoons, Transom, Deck frame, Decking, Console)

DIY KIt (Pontoons, Transom, Deck frame)

Pontoons ONLY

All boat kits are ex-our factory near Howick, in the Natal Midlands, but as these are in kit form, freight is light and easy, and we can get quotes nearer the shipping time,
or you are welcome to organise your own freight.

Category R (inland and sheltered waters, calm and rough conditions)

What you get with a Pontoon Kit:

  • Marine Grade Aluminium Pontoons
  • Single or Twin Transom (depending on model) suitable for long-shaft outboard.
  • Aluminium Deck Frame
  • Wooden Decking
  • Railings
  • Console
  • All bolts, nuts, washers, rivets are supplied (with some spare).
  • Buoyancy certificate for the pontoons.
  • Lots of fun on the water.

What you don't get: (Optional)

  • Seating
  • Outboard Motor & Controls
  • Awning (price depends on size)
  • Trailer (if applicable)
  • Upper Deck

Prices excl vat, motors, controls, freight,

Boats sold in kit form and must be assembled on-site.
Assembly is easy and comprises bolting the deck frames to the pontoons, and riveting the decking to the deck frames, along with a few other bolts and rivets.

Assembly assistance on request.
All bolts, nuts, washers, rivets are supplied (with some spare).
Price includes pontoons, decking, single transom, and console.
Excludes awnings, railings, seating, outboards, controls and any furniture.
Excludes vat and freight.

All boats built to order, we have a backlog of orders due to various disruptions during the last year, so there is a waiting list for our boats



Aluminium Boats, V-Hull & Flat-Bottom (JonBoats)

All our boats will have benches that house the buoyancy foam.

Below prices and sizes on all our smaller boats.(excl vat) excludes motor and trailer.
All boats come with either one two or three benches (structural and required to house buoyancy)

Orders received this month will be for ourSeptember 2022 production. Valid 14 days.

Prices for standard boats only. Any additions or modifications to be quoted seperately.

If you go to    https://youtu.be/aQq4IXnqSD4  you can see a video sent by one of our customers of a boat in action. Alternatively send me a whatsapp on 063 689 7857 ,I can send you the short video.


Prices excl vat, transport, motor, controls, canopy, console, trailer. Valid 14 days.

All boats built to order, we have a backlog of orders due to various disruptions during the last year, so there is a waiting list for our boats.

Please see attached information on our boats

  • We will add your boat to the production schedule once payment has been received.
  • Please note you have a choice of the number of bench seats
  • Seats covered in either all-weather carpeting or imported garapa wood.
  • Also you will need to confirm size of motor and whether short-shaft or long-shaft. (long-shaft is preferred)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.                                                            


Prices excl vat. Valid 14 days


Please refer to page 2 for terms, conditions and further information.

Prices of boats for basic boat only, excluding all accessories not listed.

Excludes any furniture, seating, tables etc.

Prices exclude vat and transport.


Limited Warranty

Within 6 months of purchase, any latent defects will be repaired or replaced free of charge. Other defects due to improper usage or accidental damage will be assessed by us, and the customer and the customer assisted with repairs or replacement at a reasonable fee. All goods are Ex-factory and must be returned to our factory at the customer’s expense.

All goods are charged in ZAR and repairs will be in the same currency.

For more details of our limited warranty terms and conditions, please refer to our additional information on Page 2


In our continuing quest to improve our products, we reserve the right to modify the specs listed.

  • Manufactured from 5000 series marine Grade Aluminium
  • Full length bow and keel strip for added protection
  • Sealed and pressure tested baffles for added safety on all Pontoon Boats
  • Pre-welded saddles on pontoons for easy assembly.
  • 0mm thickness
  • High quality Tig welding
  • Welded deck frames
  • Aluminium Transom (no wood or fibreglass)

This vessel is sold in kit form so excludes all certification except the buoyancy certificate, as all other certification requires the vessel to be fully assembled and in the water.
The responsibility is with the buyer to ensure the vessel is suitable for the application and location, in regards to local regulations.


All boats are individually hand-made by experienced artisans, and as such variations in colour and finish will occur.


We are working continuously on the development of all our products. We trust, therefore, that you will understand that we reserve the right to alter, without notice, any of the specifications or designs.

Some models or specs may not be available in all territories.

All outboards if supplied are supplied in their original factory packaging and must be fitted on site by your nearest approved fitter.

This quotation does not include any storage if any, customs examinations, insurance, finance fees, clearing & delivery, customs & duties, in the country of destination, or any unforeseen expenses.

Terms:   As all our boats are custom made, we require a 60% deposit, balance to be paid once the boat is ready for shipment.

Delivery ex-works KZN dependant on model and current production schedule, at time of receiving funds.

Please note that if any Safety Equipment or Navigation Lights are required, they must be fitted locally after assembly, to ensure that they meet with local regulations.  If required, please supply us with description and qty of what is needed so that we can include them in the container. (Costs not included in this quote) Note: Due to sometime conflicting and vague local certification requirements, we are not responsible for certifying or complying with any local certification requirements. The onus is on the client to have any certification done on-site. Should the client require particular specifications to comply with local laws, by-laws, or other regulations, it is their responsibility to advise us before placing the order, so that we may cost-in any additional requirements.

No water trails will be performed on any existing designs which have already been tested on the water.

Prices in ZAR excl. Vat. Price excludes freight but includes loading into a container or onto a truck at our premises. Some models require the container to be placed on the ground, additional costs will be incurred.

This quote excludes freight and vat. Ex our KZN factory. Prices of boats for basic boat only, excluding all accessories not listed.  Goods remain our property until fully paid for. Pontoon Range supplied in CKD (KIT) form and requires assembly on-site (Contact us if you require training). Any changes or additions to the design, layout or build will incur additional costs.

E&OE. Prices valid 14 days


Category R (inland and sheltered waters, calm and rough conditions)


All boats built to order, we have a backlog of orders due to various disruptions during the last year, so there is a waiting list for our boats

Terms, Conditions, Specs and other vital information