Aluminium Boats

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JonBoats and V-Hulls

JonBoat, also available in 4 sizes

Shallow-V and Deep-V Boats



Draken 3.50



 Draken 3.50m

 Rowing a JonBoat

A JonBoat is a flat bottom boat is designed for shallow, calm waters, as the almost flat hull enables the boat to ride on the surface of the water smoothly when powered by an outboard. Its shallow draft means it can go in shallow water where many other boats cannot operate.

Whilst a JonBoat is not designed as a row-boat, it can be rowed for leisurely outings, for fishing or for short trips.

Whether you are rowing, or using an outboard or an electric trolling motor, remember that JonBoats are Category R (shelererd and inland waters) ONLY, and should only be used in safe, calm conditions.

Oar length is calculated from the width of the boat, between oarlocks. The distance between oarlocks is halved then working out 1/3 oar inboard and 2/3 oar outboard.

A boat 1.60m wide should use oars approximately 2.80m in length.





One, two or three bench seats