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Gaston Boats & River-Cruizer Aluminium Pontoon Boats

Annual Holidays closed until15 January

Welcome to our site. We manufacture aluminium pontoon boats, barges, vehicle carriers, platforms and houseboat bases from 4.50m to 15.00m.

Carrying capacity from 600 kgs to 8000 kgs


All our boats are designed to be transported in a sealed container or by truck, making the delivery cost-effective and secure. Some on-site assembly may therefore be required.

We can, to some degree, customize our pontoon boats to suit your requirements, and have added moon-pools, cranes, vehicle ramps, upper decks, braais, and even stereo-systems.

All pontoons have the front and rear sections foam-filled for extra buoyancy and collision security.

If you have a specific requirement, please contact us and we will take the time to look at your specs and we will ALWAYS reply.

NEW:6.00m and 8.00m V-Hull Aluminium Workboats

NEW: 3.20m Aluminium JonBoats


Tout d’abord, nous voudrions vous remercier pour l’intérêt que vous avez montrez pour nos Bateaux Ponton, Gonflables ComBat et Barques Alu.

Nous sommes prêts à répondre à tous vos besoins maritimes, comprenant :

Bateaux Ponton 4.50m – 15.00m

Bateaux Aluminium 3.00m & 10.00m

Bateaux Gonflables

Moteurs Hors-bord

Pièces & Accessoires Marins

Nous vous prions d’agréer, Messieurs, nos salutations les meilleures.


9.00m River-Cruizer

This is one of our most popular boats. At 9.00m it is manoeuvrable yet has a lot of deck space.

Optional seats, toilet cubicle and motors.

Recommended outboards from 40 to 120 hp depending on application.

From R 230,500.

10.50m x 5.00m River-Cruizer

This boat can carry up to 40 passengers, and is a stable platform for many applications.

Some of our clients use these boats as taxis, scuba-diving boats, party-boats and for the transporting og materials.

Prices from R 456.500

7.50m x 3.00m Booze-Cruize Special

This brilliant boat comes with fiberglass sides, bench seating for 12 passengers, two folding canopies, storage space, single or twin transoms, a front boarding-dive deck, and angled nose-cones for easy beaching.

Ideal for sunset-cruises, family outings or on-the-water entertainment.

Also available as a narrower 2.30m wide model for restricted waterways or due to trailering regulations.

From R 199,500.

Triple Upper-Deck 9.00m x 3.80m

The 9.00m Triple with upper deck is designed for fun on the water.

Sundeck on top (or viewing deck) with loads of space below.

Single or twin transom.

from R 414,800.

Entertainment Cruizer 10.50m x 5.00m

Our 10.50x5.00m with upper deck can carry up to 4000kgs, and has the space to be whatever you want it to be.

A good base for a houseboat, a floating restaurant, a party boat, etc.

From R 525,800

Maxi Pontoons / Vehicle Carriers

Our maxi-pontoons range from 9.00m to 10.50m and can carry from 4500 kgs to 8000 kgs.

The boat in the photo comes complete with vehicle ramps for a vehicle up to 3500 kgs (which is our max vehicle GVM for any of our models)

Prices from R 439,000 excl accessories.


Work-Boat with Gantry

Our range of work platforms and boats is limited to a maximum carrying capacity of about 12 tons,

15.00m long and 6.00m wide.

We can, within reason and the laws of physics, custom design work platforms for most applications.

For added safety in certain sectors, we can also have the pontoons filled with flotation foam.

Please contact us with your requirements.

Triple Work Boat

With a carrying capacity of 2900 kgs, this very stable platform can carry goods and passengers with ease.

From R 348,600.

Fun-Cruizer 4.50m

This brilliant little pontoon boat has a deck large enough to:

have a lunch or dinner party

take your friends and family on a cruise

or to fish in comfort.

Flat deck means it is wheelchair friendly too!

From R 95,850 excl vat


Floats for work platforms

We manufacture floats for most applications.

Each pontoon has a sealed compartment every 1500mm for added safety.

Pontoons can be foam filled if required.